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“I have not been to Dease Lake since our family moved in 1989. I am now 29 and married with a son of my own and keep wanting to go back up there to fish. I live in Vancouver and have lived here now for around 10 years. I really enjoy your website, and have enjoyed it since I added it to my favorites tab last year I believe. Every once in a while I Google Dease Lake just to hope to see some pictures and news from out of there. So once again thank-you for a little glimpse back to my child-hood.”

– John Bennett, Vancouver BC

“You’re a wealth of info, a great read and cool pic’s!”

– Sandy & Norm Harris, Toronto ON

“I recently came across your website and wanted to congratulate you on getting the word out to people looking for info in the area. As someone who has spent nine years in Dease, I appreciate the accuracy and details you describe.”

– Patti Louie, Terrace BC.

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  1. Gladys Hewson, Maple Ridge, BC says:

    traveling the northern loop, on motorbikes this summer. Worried about gas, since my bike just does 200 km before reserve tank…any help with were the gas stations are would be greatly appreciated.

  2. kevin says:

    Hello there
    looks beautiful, just wondering what the cost of living is there and job availability. lots of people moving here to nova scotia from BC and wonder why.

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