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Location Information

Where is Dease Lake?
What is the nearest major city?

Transportation Information

Is there an airport? Who flys into Dease Lake?
What is the nearest major city?
How long does it take to drive?
What is the highway like? In the winter?

Dease Lake Weather

How cold does it get in Dease Lake?
What are the historical averages and records?

Dease Lake Services

What services are available?
What about medical facilities?
Is there a government Agent in Dease Lake?
Is there a school?
Is there regular garbage pickup?
Are there recycling facilities?

Utility Providers

Is there high speed internet?
What about television?

Other Questions & Answers

What is the primary industry?
What is the approximate population?

What is the primary industry?
Mining makes up the most substantial industry, however, with the extensive hunting and fishing in the area there are several guiding outfits, etc. Dease Lake also has a number of government employees and highways workers, teachers, RCMP, medical staff, and employees of local small business.

What is the population?
The population of Dease Lake is approximately 303 according to the 2011 census.

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  1. Tom Beck says:

    I will be canoeing the Spatsizi & Upper Stikine River to the Highway 37 bridge. I am looking for a person to shuttle my 4-wheel drive vehicle on or about July 4 (date flexable). I will pick up the person and drive the Ealue Lake Road to the BC rail grade along the Klappan River to the portage trail leading to the Spatsizi River. The shuttle driver will drive the vehicle back to their home or place of business, where I will pick it up after the canoe trip. I will pay a good fee for the service. If interested contact me by email or my cell 847-414-9499.

  2. Is there some truth in the story that Nellie Cashman, (The Angel of the Cassiar), led a rescue group of men to help some 200 Miners trapped in heavy snow in 1875. Where can I get details of this event. I hope to write a children’s book on Nellie Cashman. Please respond to this query. Many Thanks.

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