What services are available?

For such a small community there are surprisingly a number of services available in Dease Lake. There is a small Grocery Store with just about everything you would expect at a full size supermarket, but with limited selection on brands, etc., a wholesale store, Petro Canada gas station with both Diesel and Unleaded, a Liquor store, Mama Z’s restaurant. Two motels, post office, health clinic, TD Bank agent, government services, hardware store, tire repair, police department, fire hall, Dease Lake School (K-12), Dr. T’s Computers, Northern Lights college, various small gift shops, an airport, and of course a dump. (Did I forget anything?)

Is there a school?

Dease Lake School offers K-12 and currently has around 150 students. (I am unsure of the exact enrollment)

Is there a medical facilities?

There is a medical facility here. The Stikine Health center offers medical services and a pharmacy, and is complete with X-ray and lab.

Is there a Government Agent?

Yes there is. The Government Agent is located in Block D along highway 37 in Dease Lake. You can reach them at 250-771-3700. A listing of services offered here can be found at the ServiceBC Website

Is there regular Garbage Pickup?

There is no garbage pickup in Dease Lake. You are responsible for taking all your trash to the dump. There are no tipping fees at the dump, and it is located about a km or so north of town, on the right side of the highway.

Are there recycling facilities?

In short the answer here is no. The only recycling consists of beverage containers that have a deposit. These can be taken in on Saturdays only to the Super Value. For the environmentalist, you will have to save up and ship out your recycling when you head to Terrace, Smithers, or Whitehorse

6 Comments to Services

  1. Roger Griffiths says:

    Is camping fuel available for camp stoves, eg White gas


  2. Bill gillingham says:

    Do you have Internet and cell service

  3. kevin fletcher says:

    do you have a church

  4. Ronald Pitre says:

    Bill, Northwestel has internet and home phone service in dease lake. The closest cell service, however, is Watson Lake YT (3 hours north) or the terrace/smithers direction.

    Kevin, there is a catholic and a christian church located pretty much around the same area.

  5. randy wiens says:

    how big is Joe Irwin lake? Are there any services at Joe Irwin Lake, and is the lake good for fishing? Is there a sawmill around Dease Lake and do they purchase private timber?

  6. Sarah says:

    Looking for a campsite with full hook ups in Dease lake. Can you provide a list?

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