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Tundra Helicopters
Dease Lake: 250.771.3898
Watson Lake: 867.536.7858
Atlin: 250.651.2444

Pacific Western Helicopters

Box 245
Dease Lake BC, V0C 1L0


Northern Thunderbird Air Inc.

Dease Lake BC, V0C 1L0


Lake District Maintenance

PO Box 40
Dease Lake BC, V0C 1L0


Bandstra Transportation Systems LTD.

13 Commercial Rd
Dease Lake BC, V0C 1L0


Is there an airport?

Yes there is. While it is more of a small landing strip there are flights twice a week to Smithers in the winter, and three times in the summer (Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays). Northern Thunderbird Air flys between Dease Lake and Smithers. You would likely have to take a flight to smithers, then from there fly to Dease. Currently they are the only airline that flys out of Dease Lake

What is the highway like? In the winter?

The highway is snow covered nearly all winter, but they do keep very good care of it. They are actually in better shape in the winter than in the spring and late fall when everything is slushy. The drive from Kitwanga to Dease Lake (about 5 hours) consists of a large section of freshly paved road. They plan on having the entire stretch redone within the next few years. Currently there are 2 sections of dirt road (which is actually in better shape than the old paved sections, especially when there is snow), and a few large sections of seal coat. While the highway is not as good as the #1, or even the Alaska highway, it is in decent shape – just watch out for the bumps along the way, you’ll see signs warning you of most.

What is the next nearest major city?

Terrace and Smithers are both about 6-7 hours south of Dease Lake. Terrace has a Walmart, Smithers does not, but they both have major grocery chains. To the North the next major stop is Whitehorse – about 7-8 hours away depending on road conditions. Expect the highways to be snow covered nearly all winter.

How long does it take to drive?

This obviously depends on where you are coming from. Here are some figures from major places within BC (These figures come from the Ministry of Transportation web site. Keep in mind that the weather may be a major factor, so these times are really only rough estimates.)

Dease Lake
18 hrs, 22 min
Calgary AB
Dease Lake
19 hrs, 21 min
Dease Lake
22 hours, 41 min
Dease Lake
20 hours, 21 min
Edmonton, AB
Dease Lake
18 hours, 37 min
Fort Nelson
Dease Lake
9 hours, 29 min
Dease Lake
16 hours, 29 min
Dease Lake
18 hours, 23 min
Port Hardy
Dease Lake
25 hours, 39 min
Port Alberni
Dease Lake
22 hours, 35 min
Prince George
Dease Lake
10 hours, 54 min
Prince Rupert
Dease Lake
8 hours, 23 min
Dease Lake
12 hours, 4 min
Seattle, WA
Dease Lake
20 hours, 27 min
Dease Lake
6 hours, 59 min
Dease Lake
6 hours, 47 min
Dease Lake
19 hours, 14 min
Dease Lake
17 hours, 55 min
Dease Lake
21 hours, 45 min
Williams Lake
Dease Lake
13 hours, 26 min

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  1. Ewan Johnstone says:

    Is there a local newspaper in Dease Lake, or what newspapers do you get, and who would I contact about putting up Event Advertising for a Wrestling Show in Watson Lake, YK as it was suggested there might be some interest for such a show for attendees from Dease lake?

  2. John says:

    How long is it frm the Alaska highway to dease lake?

  3. Rowan says:

    Is it possible to drive from Vancouver to Dease Lake? Are there any accommodations along the way?

  4. patrick Li says:

    how can we fly from Vancouver BC to Dease Lake ? Seems there is no flight this time of the year from smithers to Dease Lake

  5. John says:

    So, here’s the puzzle. Can’t rent a car in Whitehorse and drop off in Smithers or Terrace. There is no train service between Whitehorse and Smithers or Terrace, even via Dease Lake. It appears there is no motorcoach (bus) service either. I guess we’ll have to fly, Whitehorse to Vancouver and then back up to Smithers, at exorbitant cost and time. Surely there’s a bus. Please help me out.

  6. Pierre Cheung says:


    I am a visiting medical student from UBC and will be spending a month in Dease Lake to learn more about rural medicine. I currently live in Vancouver and was wondering about what options I have to reach your town. I plan to arrive in late April.



  7. Sabrina says:

    It is possible to drive from Vancouver to Dease Lake. Numerous accommodations along the way as well as in Dease Lake.

    Regarding flights. There are only scheduled summer flights. See Northern thunderbird website for applicable date and times.

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