Is there any cell phone service?

Sorry, no cell phone service in Dease Lake! Closest areas with service are Watson Lake, about 2-3 hours to the North, or Terrace (5-6 hours to the South).

Is there high speed internet?

Yes! Through he Dease Lake Internet Society, you can order high speed internet. While it is not as fast as Shaw Digital, or Telus ADSL, it is considerable faster than Dial up (which is also available locally). For the internet to work, they will install a small dish on the outside of your house which connects to a tower up on the hill. That tower then connects up with Vancouver via satellite. The internet here is fairly reliable, but it does have its moments of cutting in and out. Its all part of living in the North.

There is also satellite internet available through a company called XPlorenet. This is a company out of Ontario – I believe there service is available North America wide. Their monthly fees are comparable to that of the Dease Lake Internet Society, however they do have steep start up costs. Start up will cost an estimated $1100 including install and equipment purchase. (vs a small refundable deposit for DLIS). I believe that XPlorenet also requires a lengthy contract of 1-3 years – check with their site for current details and promotions.

You can also sign up for dial up services through Netscape. They provide a 1-800 number, and I believe their rates are around $15/month for 10 hours. This dial up is slightly faster, and more expensive then that offered by Dease Lake Internet Society.

What about television?

There are no cable services available. If you want TV, you will have to sign up with StarChoice, Bell Expressvu, or another satellite TV provider. You will have to do the installation yourself, however, they will ship you the required equipment.

Do you at least have electricity?

Yes of course! Power is supplied by Regional Power from the Dease Lake Generating Station with Diesel backup. Power is sold under a long term contract with BC Hydro. This plant is not connected to the rest of BC Hydro’s main grid.

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