Moving to Dease Lake

More moving information will be posted shortly, but for now here are a few key points.

(Note: If you need specific information, please contact us. We will find the answers, post them on the site, and notify you when it is posted)

Winterize your vehicle.

You are about to experience a true Canadian winter, and if you want your car to survive, you will need to winterize it. This includes proper snow tires, (check tire pressure), coolant, and the installation of a block heater and good battery. If you have an older battery, I suggest upgrading that also to one more suited for the cold. While it seldom gets colder than the -40’s, it can happen and it is best to be prepared. I also recommend having an oil change right before you come up using synthetic oil. Synthetic oil stands up better against the cold and can withstand lower temperatures and stay more fluid, which is better for your car. You can also go longer distances between changes with synthetic. While not essential, things like proper winter wipers are also a great idea. Also be sure to check your belts and hoses.

Dease Lake is several hours by road. Traveling in the winter does present the possibility of ending up in the ditch. Be sure you are prepared for the worst. While you will most likely never need it, carry an emergency kit at all times. This kit should include a first aid kit, flashlight, jumper cables, tire chains, a tool kit, blanket, warm clothes, gloves, paper towels, a bag of sand or cat litter (for needed traction should you get stuck), ice scraper, shovel, extra washer fluid, and food and water. A tow rope may also be a good idea. Its better to be safe than sorry.

Winterize yourself.

It does get cold up here, so be sure to bring plenty of warm clothes including gloves, good winter boots, and a good toque. Wool socks and sweaters are great, and don’t forget the long underwear, you’ll be glad you brought it. Layering helps to keep warm, several thin layers can sometimes be better than one thick layer. Also be sure to have a good winter jacket. A wool or down coat may be best.

Rental Vehicles

If you are fortunate enough to fit all you own in your car or truck consider yourself lucky. If you need to rent a Uhaul or Budget truck expect to take a few days returning it.

The closest place to return a UHaul is Watson Lake in the Yukon. Depending on the weather this will be about a 6 hour round trip. The problem with Watson lake is the cost. It can cost excessively more money to return a one way rental there. Your best bet is likely to return the vehicle to Terrace. While it will require an overnight stay, and a 14 hour round trip, it can save you thousands (literally). When I moved to Dease Lake our UHaul cost us $1900 one way from Victoria, returning it to Terrace.

Had we chosen Watson Lake as our drop point the price would have risen to in-excess of $6000! That’s a huge difference! The extra night in a hotel and couple days driving is certainly worth the savings. UHaul Trailers may not see that large of an increase, so check pricing for both drop off locations and weigh your options.

Another note about UHAUL – Highway 37 is considered a “dead zone”. If your vehicle breaks down, UHaul will not help you, you are on your own. While they will reimburse you for repair and/or towing costs, but you will have to front the cost yourself.

Housing & Real Estate

Now you need to find a place to live! Many employers including SD87 and Northern Health will help you find a place, but if you are looking to buy or sell, or rent, check out our Real Estate section. If there isn’t a listing for what you are looking for, post your own and maybe those with places to rent or sell will contact you! Listings are entirely FREE.

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